Sunday, January 16, 2011


Irrigation is essential to improve food grain productions in Orissa. Orissa is rich in water resources .Monsoon  rain water is a boon  for Orissa. Ground  water level  is so good that if  we utilise them in scientific  way  abundant  crops  can be harvested and  food crisis can be solved .I have traveled far  and  wide across India . Since  my  childhood I developed attraction towards agriculture .I discovered  that water is main the cause of  food grain shortage. 
a sprinkler

Tamilnadu is my main attraction in this field.There is scarcity of water in its western part but they use to cultivate  sugarcane, paddy, vegetables etc thought the year through lift irrigation.Being a Banker ,I use to have interaction with the  farmers and could realise the practical problems in this field .I have seen century old dug wells of 140 feet deep with a little water / without   water .In Orissa ,we are lucky that water cannot be emptied in 30 feet dug well through out the year .

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