Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dolichos(sem) cultivation

Dolichos - Labalbpurpureus
Dolichos is an important legume . A vigorous attractive vine with rhombic leaves and produces 2" attractive pea - like flowers.

Common names

Dolichos bean, Hyacinth bean, Bonavist bean, Seim bean, Lablab bean, Egyptian kidney bean, Indian bean, Common bean, Field bean, Pendal bean, Pole bean, Waby bean (English).
Red dolichos

Dolichos bean is an ancient legume crop widely grown throughout the world for its vegetable or pulse for human consumption or as animal forage or feed. The research efforts made on this crop, besides being scanty,
dolichos flowers

are very much widespread. The volume of literature available on this crop, though small, is very much scattered. To overcome this lacuna, it is necessary to compile all the available information at the global level
dolichos ready vegetable

to an extent possible. The website on Dolichos bean aims to compile whatever the results have emanated from research efforts made by scientists at the global level. This would enable an easy access to all those
dolichos field

who are interested such as scientists, students, planners and science managers and thus effectively serve the entire community interested in this crop and its future development for the benefit of the coming generations and livestock.
dolichos ready for  vegetable

Dolichos or Dolichus is derived from the Ancient Greek word for "long" (wiktionary). It may refer to 
dolichos seeds

Dolichos (legume), a genus of legumes
Dolichos (running race), long-race in ancient Olympics
Dolichus (beetle), a ground beetle genus
Elibia dolichus, a hawkmoth species

Sem is one form of bean. This vegetable is widely accepted in central & northern region of india.

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