Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mango plucker

fruit picker   

Pick fruit easily with no fruit or tree damage - The Twister Fruit Picker is designed  to easily and correctly pick fruit with no fruit or tree damage. The Twister Fruit Picker is a new, exciting innovative way  to quickly, easily and safely pick ladder is required. Made of a durable lightweight engineered reinforced polymer that is UV-resistant, its slim lightweight design allows you to target individual fruit because you can see what you are picking. Simply to slip The Twister Fruit Picker into the tree, then to select the piece of fruit, and with both hands,fruits are to be twisted it off the tree. No more struggling through the limbs and twigs as one does with a cumbersome wire basket or a bag-type fruit picker! No more tugging and yanking that damages the tree! One can pick one fruit out of a cluster without others falling to the ground .One can easily reach the best and highest fruit in the tree that goes to waste, and The Twister Fruit Picker's twisting motion eliminates tree and fruit damage.

Most fruits, large or small, soft or hard skinned, can be picked with The Twister Fruit Picker. The Twister Fruit Picker comes with everything one needs to be picking fruit in minutes, except for a standard threaded pole. One needs a pole that has a 3/4 inch standard Acme thread. The pole one chooses depends on the height of the tree one will be picking. A wooden broom handle type pole will work for short trees. For the most versatility an aluminum extension pole is recommended. The rope length adjuster enables one to use a pole that adjusts from 7 feet to 12 feet. The instruction sheet includes easy step by step instructions on how to adjust the rope length for poles shorter than 7 feet and longer than 12 feet. It also contains simple instructions for attaching The Twister Fruit Picker to ther pole. Included is one set of "small fruit adapters" which easily snap into the picking rings to allow one to pick fruit as small as 1" in diameter.

This invention is fantastic. Very simple, yet the most effective fruit picker .There are various types of fruit pickers made by various companies . However,  the basket type fruit picker is convenient for picking all types of fruits .

It's built very well, and comes with everything one  needs as a broomstick to get to work harvesting the fruits. It works very well . 12' extender pole can be purchased  from any local hardware store, and  it ca be used  to pick off many of the fruits those are  perched high above where the other pickers can not reach. It  it is very easy and even fun to pick the fruits.

The pulley system makes it very easy to operate, and the "tongs" at the end gently grabs the mango and other fruits without bruising them. Single fruits can be isolated easily in big clusters, which is impossible with the other pickers. These can be pulled off with ease without dropping any cluster neighbors. It's also easy to maneuver through tangled branches.

Highly recommended. Well designed, simple to use, and just plain effective. 

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